A Quick Guide to Starting Private Practice – Third Edition – is Now Available!

Posted by Bonnie McKeegan, LCSW

When I decided to start private practice, I couldn’t find “how to” steps anywhere. I found plenty of scattered resources, big books that held tons of value otherwise, but nothing that gave me the concrete steps to take.

A Ph.D., LMFT friend with experience in private practice and my own therapist mentored me through the process. Without them, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do next. I took notes, lots of scratch notes as I navigated the process. When I achieved success – a full practice in nine months – colleagues interested in starting their private practice asked me how to do it. Scratch notes were not going to cut it.

My scratch notes became the Guide that is now 130 pages long, jammed packed with information for each step! I wrote this for you and me: For you because my scratch notes are illegible to the common eye; for me because I love to see people succeed and this is how I pass-it-forward.

This Guide represents hours and hours of experience (mine and other successful therapists), writing, editing, and more editing, revision, editing yet again (and will continue to be reviewed periodically), since 2018 when the first words were typed into my laptop.

The Third Edition of the Guide has just been released for $29.99 $24.99!

A Quick Guide to Starting Private Practice

Concise Steps with Helpful Tips for Starting a Sole Practitioner
Private Psychotherapy Practice
Licensed Clinical Social Workers
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
Licensed Marriage Family Therapists
Licensed Clinical Psychologists

The Third Edition has additional resources added, has undergone a massive line-editing process, and now contains a sample introductory letter and seven (7) common forms needed for your private practice.

When you finish Step Fourteen – Create Your Forms & Celebrate!, you’ll be ready to see your first client in your new practice. In Step Fourteen there are links to additional resources for forms not included. You may wish to read Common Private Psychotherapy Practice Forms to give you an idea of what’s ahead.

Purchase of the Guide includes a 30 minutes Q&A ($45 value) to help you succeed. Your time, your questions. No sales-pitch here, unless you ask. Then, only after your time, your questions, I’ll be happy to tell you what I offer in terms of coaching private practice start up.

Here’s the Table of Contents (hint: these are the Steps).

Go forth and become the therapist you are meant to be!

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